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Children’s Palace Montessori, Preschool and Daycare Policies

At the time of registration, parents or guardians should:

  1. Complete, date and sign the Registration Package forms
  2. Pay $100.00 (non-refundable) registration fee. 
  3. Pay the last month’s fees.

All Parents or Guardians will receive an orientation upon registration and will have an opportunity to meet the teacher and day care supervisor and mutually agree on a start day and child adaptation period.

  • All applicants must pay a non-refundable $100.00 Registration Fee.
  • A child will be enrolled into the Centre once the Application for Admission form has been completed in full and signed. 
  • First and Last Month Program Fees are due during enrolment and renewal
  • The child’s full name must be written on the front of each cheque. 
  • All student withdrawals must be submitted in writing. We require two weeks notice prior student’s intended last day.
    • No refunds or credits will be provided without proper written notice of two weeks prior to student’s withdrawal date.
  • There are no refunds for mid-month withdrawal, statutory holidays, extra holidays, sick days, or days missed for any reason throughout the school year. 
  • Vacations are permitted for two weeks a year for children who are registered full-time at no cost after a year. There will be no refunds for any further days missed. Written notice is required for the vacations in advance
  • A charge of $50.00 against all N.S.F. cheques or cheques returned for any reasons. 
  • There is a late pick-up charge, which is applied at the rate of$5.00 per minute after 6:00pm during operating hours
  • Transportation to and from the school is the responsibility of the parents/guardians. 
  • We must insist on strict adherence to our established fee schedule and payment policies. 
  • The school reserves the right to limit or terminate the enrolment with or without written notice 
  • Under no circumstances shall the school be liable to the parents or the children for damages or injury to persons or property or any indirect or incidental or consequential damage however caused.

Every issue and concern will be treated confidentially and every effort will be made to protect the privacy of parents/guardians, children, staff, students and volunteers, except when information must be disclosed for legal reasons (e.g. to the Ministry of Education, College of Early Childhood Educators, law enforcement authorities or a Children’s Aid Society).

Parents or guardians are requested to make every effort to pick up their child promptly by 6:00 pm. After three chances there will be a late fee of $ 5.00 per minute after 6:00 pm, to be paid directly to the teachers looking after their child.

It is very important that parents share any and all medical information pertaining to their child. In the event a child undergoes any sort of medical examination or treatment during or after registration, parent/guardian is required to inform the Centre. To ensure the safety of all children at the center, we ask that parents provide us with their child’s immunization record prior to admittance. The child’s immunization record is requirement and mandated by Peel Health Department. 

We understand that keeping a child home with a mild illness is unrealistic however; we have an obligation to all parents to ensure a healthy atmosphere for children.

If your child is experiencing any of the following conditions, the child should not attend the centre, or may be sent home: 

  • A fever exceeding 100 degree F. After a fever, the child’s temperature has to be a normal 37 degrees Celsius-98.6°F for 24 hours before returning to the centre.
  • An obvious infection for which the child has not been on an antibiotic for at least 24 hours. Any child with discharging eyes may not return to the school until the eyes have been free from discharge for 24 hours. 
  • A child vomiting. Any child, who has vomited, may not come to the centre until he/she has not vomited for 24 hours and is taking and retaining a regular diet.
  • A child suffering from diarrhea. Any child with diarrhea may not return to the centre until he/she has had a normal stool or no stool for 24 hours. This usually means an absence of 24 hours.

Parents or guardians will be called if their child becomes ill while at school. Should this occur parents or guardians are required to pick up their child as soon as possible. 

Administration of Medication.

If a child will be absent, parents or guardians are requested to notify the center early in the morning so that the staff is aware. If the child is absent due to a communicable disease, a doctor’s note stating that he or she has recovered completely will be required when returning to the centre

The school may be closed due to severe weather condition. If the Peel Board of Education cancels the schools in the area, the center will automatically be closed.

Parents or guardians are required to fill out and sign the Authorization for Medication Form if a medication has to be administered to their child.The centre policy for administration of medication states that the medication must be in its original container, clearly labeled with child’s name, name of the drug, dosage, the date of purchase, expiry date and instructions for storage and administration of the drug as stipulates the Day Nurseries Act.

In the event of an emergency requiring a hospital visit, the child will immediately be taken to the closet hospital, where parents or guardians can meet him or her and the supervising staff. In the event that parents or guardians cannot be reached their emergency contact person will be notified. Please ensure that this person is aware of this responsibility.

Due to the fact that peanut allergies are very common, our centre is a peanut free environment. This means that we don’t accept any food that may contain peanuts.  Parents or guardians of children with the risk of anaphylactic shock are required to fill out, sign the anaphylaxis form; and explain to staff in the centre the strategies in case of anaphylactic reaction. In the case that the child needs epinephrine, there must be two epi-pens in the centre, one should remain in the child’s classroom and the other will be kept in the office.

It is important that the supervisor and staff be made aware of any allergies the child may have as well as any food restrictions.

Children appear to learn best when they are given reasonable limits and freedom to choose. Discipline is planned to assist the child to become self disciplined through the use of choices and natural consequences. Children are disciplined in a positive manner at a level that is appropriate to their action and their ages. Methods of discipline are discussed with staff and consistent disciplinary measures are agreed upon. Staff and parents or guardians are welcome to exchange ideas during parent interviews when needed. All staff, volunteers or students on placement, who work with our children, must read, accept and sign our behavior management policy. The staff will review the policy periodically. 

The CPM behavior management policy will NOT permit the following disciplinary methods: 

  • Corporal punishment. 
  • Racial profiling. 
  • Derogatory comments. 
  • Confinement in a locked room. 
  • Deprivation of food, clothing or shelter. 
  • Any method, which may hurt a child’s self-esteem.

Trips will be made to special places of interest, through out the year. Information regarding destination, time, date and cost along with the permission slips to sign and return will be sent prior to going on any field trip. Parents are always welcome to accompany us.

The children should be dressed in a way that is appropriate for physical activity as well as the weather. All children must have a complete change of clothes, accidents happen and it would be helpful to have spare clothes. All indoor and outdoor clothing/shoes should be labeled with the child’s first and last name. Parents or guardians may want to bring a comb/hair brush and/or a toothbrush, it should be informed to staff and the items should be labeled. All children have a space to keep their belongings organized and handy. All cubbies and shelves are labeled with the children’s names.

At registration time parents or guardians will be asked to bring the following:   

  • Sunscreen (A sunhat is required for the summer) 
  • A “fitted” crib sheet for the cot, as well as, a pillow and a blanket 
  • Indoor and outdoor shoes / boots. 
  • A full change of clothes (for any accidents) 
  • Diapers/Pull-ups and wipes to last at least a week, if applicable.

Parents or guardians are welcome to observe their child during program hours. We ask that appointments be made at the office to arrange a suitable time for the visit.

If parents or guardians desire their child to celebrate his/her birthday at the centre, they should let the teachers know in advance. A small celebration with their classmates is welcome.

Should the Address, Telephone at home or Work change, parents or guardians are requested to notify the centre immediately. If there is any change on the Emergency contact list information, such as names to be added or removed, it should be notified to the centre.

Children enrolled in a full day program need to take a nap in the afternoon for 2 hours. The center provides cots while parents would provide sheet, blanket and a pillow. However a child can get up earlier and engage in quiet activities depending on individual needs.

Parents or guardians can express any concern to the staff who works with their child; the staff will listen to them and solve the problem if it’s possible. As a second step, staff will take note of the concern and communicate it to the supervisor/owner of the centre. The supervisor/owner will call the parents or guardians and have a conversation with them about the concern.

Any time parents or guardians have a concern and want to talk with the supervisor/owner they can do that by making an appointment by phone or through the staff in the centre.

If the concern requires a meeting with staff and the supervisor/owner, it will take place in the office. Date and time will be communicated to parents or guardians and it could be changed at their convenience.

Concerns could be expressed in written through a letter to the supervisor/owner of the centre.

The program considers parents or guardians and teachers as partners in the education process. Our purpose is to make the children’s life in the centre as a continuation of their lives at home. Parents or guardians are the ones who know their children better, teachers learn from them. 

Our program includes every family and invites them all to participate in daily activities. 

Parents or guardians support our program by interacting with teachers, other parents and children. Any suggestion, recommendation or advice is always welcome.

CPM maintains a No-Smoking & Cannabis Policy in compliance with Smoke-Free Ontario Act. This helps protect the health of all Ontarians by prohibiting smoking in all enclosed workplaces and public places. No smoking is prohibited at all times on CPM premises, including playground whether or not children are present. 

The Centre ensures that No-smoking policy is reviewed with the staff prior to commencement of employment, with parents prior to enrolment of their children, and with students and volunteers prior to commencement of their placement.

No-Smoking signs are posted at all entrances and exits, including playground.

CPM encourages and promotes the use of school volunteers in order to enhance parental and community involvement while maintaining safety and security for students and staff.

Volunteers will not be counted in the staff ratios in classrooms or the playground. Volunteers must submit  a criminal background check. No child will be supervised by a person under 18 years of age.

The individual plan for a child with anaphylaxis and emergency procedures are reviewed by volunteers, and the operator will have to sign and date the review as with other policy reviews.

Children Palace Montessori is responsible for delivering services that promote the health, safety and well being of children enrolled in the program. The Center works diligently to provide a safe, creative and nurturing environment for each child. In spite of all our best precautions, serious occurrences can sometime take place. CPM is accountable to the public and Ministry to demonstrate that their services are consistent with relevant legislation, regulations and policies. The Ontario government has introduced a new policy that requires licensed childcare centers to post information about Serious Occurrences that happen at the Centre effective November 1st 2011.

The “Serious Occurrences Notification Form” will be posted in a visible area to support increased transparency and access to information. The Centre already reports serious occurrences to the Ministry, which is responsible for childcare licensing. The new policy requires the Center to post information so that parents also have access to it. This posting will give parents information about the incident and outline follow up actions taken and the outcome, while respecting the privacy of the individuals involved. Long term actions taken will also be included to help prevent similar incidents in the future, where applicable.