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3 years – 4 years (Junior)
4 years – 5 years (Senior)

Our Pre-School program is offered in a Junior and Senior age group and concentrates on building creative and artistic senses, early literacy skills, mathematical reasoning and scientific learning through participating in new hands-on activities that balance between physical and academic development and exploring different constructive learning abilities. Children learn new communicative, social and problem solving skills in our nurturing and safe environment.

The Approach to Learning

  • Dedicated Classroom for “Montessori Philosophy”
  • Immersive zones offering Music, Visual Arts, Science,  Mathematics, Literacy and Sensory activities
  • Develop self control and consideration for others when playing in activities
  • Experience confidence in myself and interest in learning
  • Learn to show appropriate behavior in situations
  • Dedicated Classroom to “Play Based Learning”
  • Wide variety of age-appropriate toys
  • Defined Activity Spaces and zones
  • Recognizing each Family is unique
  • Cultural development and the respect for others, family styles, values and cultures and traditions
  • Special programs and guest speakers from affiliated Ministry approved resources